Basketweave wedding cake and golf theme grooms cake.

When I was asked to make the wedding cake for Tim and Alex, I immediately decided to do a basket weave design to accent the Gerber daisies that were the theme of the wedding. I found a wonderful tutorial on Global Sugar Art. I would be lost without the hundreds, probably thousands of tutorials on the web. You can find them on Cake Central, Y-tube and other decorators blogs. When I need to know how to do something, I usually check Cake Central first, if I can’t find it there…I Google it! Google is your friend! Here are a few pics of how I made the daisies.


I started with this set of Gerber daisy plungers by FMM, you can find them at

You will also need a small flower cutter…I think this is from a Wilton set.

You will also need a strainer to make your impression on the center of the flower. It leaves the perfect impression of a daisies middle. I forgot to take a pic of this part, but all you do is take a small ball of your gumpaste or fondant, flatten it out and press it into the mesh to get your pattern.

You start by cutting out the largest size daisy, then use the next smaller size to lay on top, overlapping the petals. Then cut out several of the small flower cutters and cut that into half, take a pair of scissors and cut each petal in two. Then take these little pieces and overlap them in the middle before you place your center. I’m still trying to figure out how to link things on this blog, I suggest going directly to the GSA website and looking at the tutorial for a better explanation through their pics. That’s how I learned.

Here they are in my Wilton flower formers after I gave them a quick spray with my airbrush. I made these 1 week ahead of time, I suggest you give yourself plenty of time, they are time-consuming.

The wedding was on a Friday, so I baked ALL my cakes on that Monday. I got off of work at 3:30 pm, went home, fed the kids (my 5 cats and 2 dogs) and started baking. I finally finished around 11:20 that night. Here they all are after being tightly wrapped in plastic wrap. I had no room on my kitchen counters, so they all slept in the guest bedroom that night! I always bake my cakes approximately 3-4 days before the cake is due. Bake on day one, then torte, dam and fill on day two. Trim and ice on day three. This gives your cakes plenty of time to do some much needed settling.

The grooms cake:

This is the top tier. I used 1/2 of a Wilton ball pan set. This is it covered with fondant.

I put a pretty thick layer of fondant on this cake because I needed a little extra room for the dimples of the golf ball. To achieve that look, I used the back of a 1/4 tsp. I first made all my indentations, then went back over and made a slightly deeper indent to get the right look.

Looks like  a golf ball to me.

I wanted the second tier to resemble the “greens” on the golf course. I slightly marbled some light blue and white fondant together to cover the entire tier with, this was the “sky”. I then wrapped light green around the cake, then added areas of darker green, I made the “sand traps” with some flash colored fondant that I brushed with piping gel before adding brown sugar to resemble sand.

Added a flag and black dot to resemble to ball cup and this tier was done.

Bottom tier covered in light brown fondant and wiped with a little Crisco to remove excess cornstarch and give her a little shine!

I used some square and diamond cutters from Ateco and placed some pieces on the sides. They looked a little blah, so I got out my clay gun extruder and made some rope. I then outlined each square for a little visual interest.

I was going to leave this tier just like it was. I stacked the cake, added my green grass and stood back and looked at the cake and just thought the bottom tier needed to flow with the rest of the golf theme. So I pulled out some leftover grey fondant and made some golf  clubs.

I think this one turned out o.k. Now time to move onto the wedding cake.

Basket weave wedding cake:

This cake was made out of 12, 10 and 8 in squares. I put a thin crumbcoat on top, then made the basketweave design on the top and bottom tiers only.  I left the middle tier smooth because I thought all three tiers with the basket weave may be  a little to “busy”.

After icing and stacking, I put the daisies on.

Here are the finished cakes at the reception site.

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Happy caking.


2 thoughts on “Basketweave wedding cake and golf theme grooms cake.

  1. Kelly, these cakes look amazing!! I have those same daisy cutters but sometimes have trouble getting the gumpaste to come out without sticking. I *love* the golf cake. Might have to try something like that for dh’s bday…he is an avid golfer!! Great job on everything!!!

  2. These are beautiful cakes! I love how you added the golf clubs…it completely changed the look of that tier, and it looks great! I also love the look of the smooth tier in the center of the basket weave wedding cake and the color of the flowers.

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